Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Michelle Williams: 'I'm not envious of Beyoncé'

Michelle Williams says that she is not jealous of former band mate Beyonce's solo success. The ex-member of Destiny's Child is currently undertaking a 6 week stint as Chicago's Roxie Hart in London's West End. She told the BBC: ''Because I'm not visible over here with the number 1's, they think I'm not doing anything or they think I'm not as successful.'' ''But I'm in the feaking West End! I'm the 1st African-American woman to play this role in the West End!'' She added: ''I wanna be respected for what I do but don't wanna be bombarded and can't go anywhere.'' ''So that's what I have over Beyonce. I can go anywhere I want.'' Williams will be performing in the musical at the Cambridge theatre between July 13th and August 22nd.

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